Fed’s Waller: Rise in Bond Yields Reflects Economic Recovery

Fed Governor Christopher Waller says the U.S. central bank should not intervene to obstruct the market reacting to the brighter U.S. economic outlook.

Source: Bloomberg

“If we saw a lot of disorderly performance in longer-term yield markets, we might have to step in just for financial stability reasons once again”

“But right now the movements in yields pretty clearly are showing that the market has a very good sense of the U.S. economy’s recovery. And that this is actually a good sign, and they don’t appear to be going up in a bad fashion”

“They’re going up. The economy’s improving. That’s good. That’s what should happen when an economy improves. And the last thing we’d want to do is necessarily stop that from happening because it’s reflecting a good performance of the economy’’

“We’re a long ways from raising rates at this point”