RBC Prepares to Blaze Trail With New Bail-In Eligible Bonds

RBC building

The Royal Bank of Canada will be the first Canadian financial institution to sell bail-in eligible securities. The bail-in eligible securities can be converted into equity should a bank get into trouble and will eventually replace deposit notes for Canadian banks. Source: Bloomberg Royal Bank of Canada is getting ready to sell the country’s first…

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The Best Investments in Case of an Inverted Yield Curve

The yield curve has fallen to its flattest level since the 2007-09 recession which can cause bond-market investors to take notice and start bracing for a possible inversion. Traditionally safe assets like long- and short-term bonds have fared a bit better following yield-curve inversions. Source: Wall Street Journal The yield curve—the difference between the interest…

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Apple, Oracle Dump Bonds and Create $300 Billion Hole in Market

As U.S. tax cuts prompt Apple Inc. and other tech companies to bring home their overseas cash hoards, it’s leaving a void in the market for short-term corporate bonds, where those firms had invested much of the money. That’s now making it more expensive for other companies to borrow. Source: Bloomberg   Once the biggest buyers of short-dated corporate…

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