Overbond integrates Neptune Networks axe data to enhance client-specific analytics for corporate trading execution

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, ENGLAND, February 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Overbond integrates Neptune Networks axe data to enhance client-specific analytics for corporate trading execution and bring the latest in AI size-adjusted pricing and liquidity discovery

Overbond, an AI-driven fixed income analytics and trade workflow automation provider has announced the integration of Neptune Networks Ltd., a fixed-income pre-trade market utility, industry leading axe data, which will enhance the functionality and accuracy of Overbond analytics and the trade automation possibilities for existing Neptune buy-side clients. Overbond will also expand the universe of securities covered by its analytics and trading algorithms by incorporating Neptune data into each single-tenant client environment on request.

Axes have long been distributed to clients by sell-side fixed income desks to signal which securities they are particularly interested in buying or selling. Buy-side participants use this information to execute large trades, optimise order allocation and source liquidity for less liquid securities.

Overbond AI will now use axe data provided by Neptune—uniquely to each client—to enhance its size-adjusted pricing. This will be included in its analytics and trade automation suite, alongside the multiple price aggressiveness levels, separated bid/ask liquidity scoring and confidence scoring, which are already generated for every security.

Allocating trades via the best execution route can be a time-consuming and challenging process. That’s why Overbond developed its unique smart order routing (SOR) algorithm. SOR allows clients to see the optimal execution route given current market conditions. It uses a historical lookback alongside current dealer axes unique to the client, to determine the optimal dealer to engage for a specific security, given current market conditions. By incorporating live axe data from Neptune, the precision of the Overbond SOR algorithm is enhanced, further optimising the process for individual buy-side traders.

“We’re excited to Integrate Neptune and include client-specific API feeds into the Overbond AI suite of credit trading algorithms. The inclusion of Neptune data will help buy-side traders more efficiently discover desired inventory within the dealer-axed universe.” said Vuk Magdelinic, CEO of Overbond. Byron Cooper-Fogarty, COO of Neptune, added “Neptune has always responded to buy-side demand for connectivity to core workflow and analytical tools. The integration with Overbond is the latest step in that process.”

About Overbond

Overbond is a developer of process-redefining, AI-driven data and analytics and trade automation solutions for the global fixed income markets. Overbond performs market monitoring, data aggregation and normalisation, and deep AI quantitative observation on more than 100,000 corporate bonds and fixed income ETFs. Applying proprietary artificial intelligence to pricing, curve visualisation, market liquidity, issuance propensity, new issuance spreads, default risk and automated reporting, Overbond enables trade automation and enhances trade performance and portfolio returns. Clients of Toronto-based Overbond include global investment banks, broker-dealers, institutional investors, corporations and governments across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

For more information, please visit www.overbond.com.

About Neptune Networks
Neptune supplies the highest quality bond pre-trade data from the sell-side to the buy-side via FIX. The network provides data from 31 global dealers via one connection. The value to the buy-side means we are used by almost 100 buy-side firms who manage in excess of $60trn in global AUM. Neptune data is delivered via several workflow options, including direct to OMS and/or EMS, or via a number of APIs. Asset class coverage is broad, including Credit, Emerging Markets, Rates and Munis.
Neptune is “the most used standalone source of pre-trade Fixed Income data” according to The Desk’s 2023 Trading Intentions Survey of major buy-side customers.

Please visit www.neptuneFI.com for more information.

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