Asset managers are prioritising operational efficiency via automation above all, Linedata survey reveals

The Trade highlights recent Linedata survey findings, where almost half of respondents in the UK are prioritizing investment in automation to drive business results.

Linedata’s 2023 global asset management survey has found the main focus globally is on future cost saving and automation. The survey from Linedata included responses from 265 firms in the Americas, Europe, and APAC and includes comparative findings which pinpoint key variances between regions.

 In the drive towards more efficient operations, 57% of respondents are betting on automation, the survey revealed – naming it “a top strategic priority for the next 12 months,” closely followed by cost-cutting initiatives at 55%. The survey also found that AI adoption appeared more prominent in the front-office, while middle- and back-office functions lagged behind, with only 22% of AI deployment in trade execution.
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