Bond Pricing AI White Paper

Over the past two years, we have witnessed profound changes in the fixed income marketplace with counterparties increasingly adopting quantitative investing and liquidity risk monitoring techniques. These include adoption of new methods of analysis such as AI analytics like COBI-Pricing algorithm. Source: Overbond Fixed Income Artificial Intelligence The financial services market is embracing digital processes…

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Enterprise AI: Biggest Moments Of Truth In 2019

Big Data/Machine Learning

AI predictive analytics will be omnipresent in capital markets fixed income applications within a short span of time. Early adopters emerge as news leaders and value realization from AI models goes mainstream. Source: Forbes 2018 was a year of reckoning for artificial intelligence (AI), proving that it’s here to stay and will soon be all…

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Overbond solves for SEC N-PORT regulatory requirement with new bond pricing and liquidity risk management automation

Overbond Ltd.

New regulatory requirements to price and monitor liquidity for all bond positions are forcing buy-side users to look for automation as manual reconciliation approach is not feasible. Source: Overbond TORONTO and NEW YORK – January 15, 2019 – Overbond Ltd., the first end-to-end fixed income markets fintech platform for AI predictive analytics, has launched COBI…

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Mifid II encouraging AI boom in fixed income

Mifid II

Mifid II could encourage the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) in financial services, but regulators need to be wary that any rules need to be incentive-based to avoid deterring investment in innovation. Source: IFLR One specific segment of financial services which could benefit most from AI is the fixed income space, which has historically been…

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Bond Issuance AI White Paper

Counterparties are increasingly adopting quantitative investing techniques such as systematic alpha and algorithmic trading, merging of fundamental discretionary and quantitative investment styles, consumption of increasing amounts of alternative data, and adoption of new methods of analysis such as AI analytics like Overbond COBI-Issuance algorithm described in this white paper. Source: Overbond Fixed Income Artificial Intelligence…

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Show me the Case for AI in Capital Markets

Capital markets are poised to be transformed by artificial intelligence (AI). Most firms have focused on using technologies to reduce costs, but AI has the potential to create value across organizations in new transformative ways. Source: Accenture Ours is an industry that has shown a willingness and ability to capitalize on emerging ideas, using them to differentiate…

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Apple, Oracle Dump Bonds and Create $300 Billion Hole in Market

As U.S. tax cuts prompt Apple Inc. and other tech companies to bring home their overseas cash hoards, it’s leaving a void in the market for short-term corporate bonds, where those firms had invested much of the money. That’s now making it more expensive for other companies to borrow. Source: Bloomberg   Once the biggest buyers of short-dated corporate…

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3 Trends Currently Reinventing the Financial Industry

As the next industrial revolution matures, many areas in banking and finance are being transformed. Some of the trends that are helping reshape the future of the industry include artificial intelligence, blockchain and open banking. Source: The Next Web Finance and trade is one of the oldest skills that mankind has developed after shaping the…

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Predictive Analytics in Financial Services

Source: The Financial Revolutionist When the big data boom grabbed headlines in the early 2000’s, it was because the high-tech industry allocated R&D efforts to develop new data-driven applications for their businesses. Out of these developments came the rise of predictive analytics. It should be noted that predictive analytics represents a different methodology from the more…

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